Who Should be the next Universal champion? (Opinion)

The question of the next Universal champion is a very hot topic within the wrestling community. With WWE seemingly sticking to the idea of Roman Reigns to dethrone the beast even against the will of the fans. Furthermore we know who will most certainly be a Universal champion within the next year after gaining the money in the bank briefcase on the 17th June in Chicago but there seems to be no immediate plans for Braun Strowman. But with WWE’s cloudy booking there is no obvious favourite for who will be the new number 1 contender for the WWE Universal champion names like Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins have been branded about as contenders but again cloudy stop start booking makes this unclear. I will review each of the obvious contenders and maybe even a few surprises that WWE could take.

Roman Reigns

Well… here we go this guy currently the favourite to again take on Lesnar at Summerslam according to various reports. After a very soul draining wrestlemania 34 match in which the crowd payed very little attention in which Reigns got absolutely obliterated by Lesnar and even the result shocked everyone with Lesnar coming out on top and then another match at the greatest royal rumble inside a steel cage with a controversial finish. Since then Reigns has been on somewhat of a roller coaster ride. Defeating Samoa Joe in the main event of backlash and then going into a very boring and lacklustre feud with Jinder Mahal with the eventual match at money in the bank. But I think I speak for the many with Roman Reigns with saying it’s just boring and infuriating now. Roman no matter what they try will never be over with crowd. So what I say is if WWE really want to give Reigns the big title you might as well give him the title and see it fail. I think everyone is bored of both Reigns and Lesnar. Although the Reigns win will be booed out the building there’s always the Braun cash-in I guess? Sigh

Braun Strowman

Well Mr.Monster in the bank will definitely have a successful cash in the biggest question is when. The monster in my opinion should cash in either prior or during the match between Lesnar and Reigns. This is an idea that would make the monster look strong and it would save the match from the awful crowd with a massive pop for the monster. This is Braun’s time for a proper title run elevating him to the top of the company and cementing his monster gimmick as a serious gimmick after the last few months have seen him taking on a somewhat more comedic approach to the monster gimmick. But with the main event of summerslam looking to be Reigns v Lesnar this is a massive chance to get a brilliant pop and cement Braun Strowman as the main eventer we all know he is.

Bobby Lashley

After an expected return back to the WWE the Raw after Wrestlemania. But that was seemingly the start of his downfall after teaming up with the prior mentioned Braun Strowman at backlash to beat Zayn and Owens then going into an awful feud with Zayn but Lashley is seemingly on an upward trajectory with a feud with Roman Reigns in the works for extreme rules it seems as though things could be up for Lashley but it seems as though WWE creative have no further plans beyond Extreme Rules. Although it has been long rumoured and even teased by the advocate for Paul Heyman that Lashley could ultimately face Lesnar. It was even rumoured at one stage that part of Lashley’s contract to return to the WWE was that he would be guaranteed a match against Lesnar but that’s yet to be seen. Personally don’t see Lashley reaching the summit of raw anytime soon but who knows what could happen? Stranger things have happened.

Seth Rollins

WWE’s MVP of 2018. Seth Rollins has had a fantastic first half of 2018 making the best of a bad situation with the Jason Jordan tag team (oh my that feels longer than 6 months). Also Rollins had a great gauntlet match showing pinning both Roman Reigns and John Cena on the go home show before Elimination chamber. Also having a very decent showing in the Elimination chamber. But then since the Raw after wrestlemania that was the turning point for Rollins. Having great matches with The Miz and Finn Balor on the road to wrestlemania but this time Rollins was chasing The intercontinental championship. Then at wrestlemania Rollins won the intercontinental championship to become a grand slam champion defeating Finn Balor and The Miz having one of the better matches on the wrestlemania card. But since then Rollins has put on match of the night after match of the night at PPV’s and offering a intercontinental open challenge putting on some stunning matches. But he then subsequently lost the title to Dolph Ziggler on the Raw after money in the bank. But it doesn’t seem like Rollins will be entering the Universal title picture anytime soon even though he was my choice to be the one to conquer the beast.

Surprise Picks

Well this is a category of outsiders that WWE could spring a massive surprise with. Firstly they could pick Finn Balor the biggest victim of WWE’s inconsistent booking but Finn has been owed his rematch for the Universal championship. Also WWE could pick someone like Elias probably WWE’s biggest breakout star of late 2017 and 2018 WWE seem to be very high on him and hopefully they decide to give him a title run soon but maybe the Universal championship is too soon. Another surprise pick would be Kevin Owens he’s very long over due holding a top title and with getting some momentum back on his side he would be a very good choice for holding the top belt.

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